Welcome to Imagination Station

In our class we like to use imagination and creativity to explore a love of learning. As teachers, we like to create a fun filled environment to inspire educational experiences the children will be thrilled to be a part of.

In the Imagination station the children range from four to five years of age. Every day we follow a schedule that includes circle time, journaling, literacy groups, center time and free play.  While lesson planning, it is our mission to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math as well as Social Studies in our activities.  It is our goal to provide a fun and challenging environment for children to experience new things, meet friends and have a good time in the process of learning.

To keep families informed, a monthly calendar is placed on the mirror outside of our classroom that provides themes and activities and is also placed in children take home bags monthly.  On the inside of our room by our door is a detailed weekly schedule for parents to view.

The Investigator Club is the curriculum used in our classroom which is complemented by Handwriting without Tears.  We try to mirror what our public schools are doing so that the children are familiar with the format and presentation of a curriculum and helps prepare them for school.  We adapt for each age group as needed to be developmentally appropriate. To find out more about our curriculums and programs please click our curriculums tab.

Portfolios are kept on each child.  These are a collection of work the children do each day, photographs and notes about their growth and development.  When a child leaves our classroom, their portfolios follow them and remain a part of our program until they leave Prime Time.

Several evaluation tools are used for assessing the children.  We use Setting the Stage, Handwriting without tears and an evaluation tool checklist within LifeCubby to help us document the growth and development of each child in our classroom.  This allows us to identify and areas that may need additional support and aligns with the Common Core that is being used in our schools.

Art work and photographs are displayed throughout our room and are taken down monthly to be sent home in our “take home bags” to share with the parents.  We then ask them to return one piece of artwork for their child’s portfolio and a comment/survey questionnaire.

To communicate with our parents we use ‘LifeCubby’ which is an online program that allows parents to receive observations, assessments, newsletters, and pictures of their child on a daily or weekly basis.  In return it allows parents to have the ability to respond back with comments and questions at their convenience.  This information can be made available on computers and cell phones by releasing an email address.  To find out more about ‘LifeCubby’ please click our communications tab.