What They Say About Us


One of the Best!

One of the best child care facilities I’ve ever seen the staff are amazing, they have so much fun, activities and games and creative things for the kids to do I give this place five stars because it’s worth it and I highly recommend them.

The Robinson’s

Great Staff

Primetime is the best child care ever I went there from 2-11 and I was a CIT there i had a lot of fun there. There’s so many activities and toys and stuff to play with. And the staff and teachers are all great

The Ryann’s

Highly Recommended!

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE LOOKING FOR GREAT CHILDCARE. Myself as well as my 2 siblings went here. I cant recall the exact years but this place was/is AMAZING. Thank you Prime Time for many GREAT childhood memories.

The Pitcher’s