Prime Time is a wonderful place. Three of my children attended there and I could not have left them in better hands. I have visited many daycare centers throughout Calvert County and Prime Time is the best one I have been into. The staff is caring and nurturing and the programs are fun and engaging. I always knew my children were in good hands when I left them with the staff at Prime Time.
C. Holaus
Prime Time Children’s Center & Youth Activity Center still have a place in my heart after 25+ years. I attended there in my childhood days and have many great memories and now I can say that my children have many as well. We just love the staff and all the exciting things that they have to offer.
T. Accipiter
My daughter has grown so much while at Prime Time. She has blossomed into an individual due to the academic and loving environment provided for her at this center. Some of the best memories I have are the Christmas programs, fall festivals, family dinners, parent time and graduation programs. Prime Time is family to us.
M. & T. Welch
Both of my children attended Prime Time Children’s & Youth Activity Centers for 13 years. Every classroom brought new experiences and the teachers were all nurturing, educated and genuinely loved my children. The memories that were made and the friendships formed are unbreakable. You are always welcome at Prime Time and you truly feel like part of the family. My children are who they are today because of Prime Time and I will always be thankful for that.
T. Case