Summer Program

Field trips – Throughout the summer we take fun, exciting, and educational age appropriate trips. Trips differ from group to group. Off premises trips are for children grades K – 8. We also have guest speakers come to the center on special days. For more information on what special activities and field trips may be offered in the upcoming summer please contact us.
Mentoring – We informally mentor the children of Prime Time. By talking and troubleshooting any problems they may be having. As well as celebrating their successes. Our program has proved to keep communication flowing and make the children feel extra special. It has become successful beyond your imagination. We work hard to make sure it is a positive experience for child and adult.
Clubs – Clubs offer challenges in educational growth in areas of interest with a heavy focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). These clubs are interesting and packed full of fun for every child to enjoy.
Special ways with ordinary day – Here at Prime Time we feel that every day is a special day. We create a calendar that makes each day a new and exciting adventure. One day your child may be exploring space, and the next day they will be a cowboy or cowgirl. Each summer is different and has its own overall theme. However, each summer will offer exciting activities and opportunity to grow, develop, and have a lot of fun.
Water Play – Each week at Prime Time the children are given the opportunity to participate in water play activities. This is a great way to cool off on those hot summer days, and is a lot of fun for all who are involved.