Enrichment Programs Currently Offered

  • Spanish
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Piano – Private lessons
  • Power Tots – Gymnastics 
  • Computer Club
  • Hair Cuts 
  • Interest Form for Special Programs
  • Show what you know 

Our children’s progress is monitored by the use of various assessment tools. Continually, we note observations, record information, compile portfolios, and complete checklists on each child in our care. We review each child’s progress with concerned parents two times per year and offer our knowledge of developmental stages, activities to do at home to encourage mastering of a specific domain of learning.



We focus on various domains of learning:   Language and Literacy, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Social Foundations, Social Studies, Physical Well Being, Motor Development, and Science.    Each and every day we manage to address the domains of learning in countless ways and through free and structured play and age-appropriate learning opportunities.


Prime Time also has an extensive lending library for parents, where a child can check out a ‘backpack’ of activities and books to take home and work on that reinforces what they are learning at Prime Time and address these domains of learning. There are also books and DVD tapes on a variety of issues dealing with children, from potty training, biting to expecting a baby sister or brother which are available to check out. These evaluation tools are coupled with material to take home and work on ensuring a child will fully understand the concepts introduced as they reflect on what they learned at Prime Time each day.


In addition to providing excellent care, we offer a variety of enrichment programs to make your life easier. We offer these programs throughout the day for a nominal fee so your evenings become your evenings once again.