Enrichment Programs Currently Offered

As a leader in early childhood education for over 30 years, Prime Time Children’s & Youth Activity Center offers year-round programs and age-specific curriculum developed to grow with your child and help to prepare them for a lifetime of learning and success. Prime Time offers care for children between the ages of 8 weeks and 15 years. Our specially trained Teachers and Counselors are dedicated to helping your family move smoothly through the many transitions in your young child’s life, and eventually to make the easy transition to public elementary school.

Prime Time Children’s Center curriculum is based upon years of research and input from leading experts in the early childhood education following Children Study their World and Children Explore their World is a inquiry-based learning system and Handwriting Without Tears as well as allowing for creative input from our diverse staff. We also use Health Beginnings for our littlest children and  SPARK  Curriculum for our school age children which focuses on Fitness and Nutrition.   Weaved into the CSW / CEW is the State developed Early Learning Assessment tool to evaluate and assess our children 3-5 years of age.   For our infants and toddlers, we use the OUNCE Scale and Healthy Beginnings.   Each of the curriculums we use is designed to address every kindergarten readiness skill at a time when it is developmentally appropriate.

What this means is that you can rely on us to teach your children the skills they need when they need them. Our curriculum is age-appropriate, and we work closely with Calvert County Schools to know at what point your child is expected to be able to write his or her own name, count to 10, or recite the alphabet. You can trust that the Teachers of Prime Time Children’s Center will work with your child to make sure he/she is developing intellectually and socially and given good beginnings that will never end on their journey to becoming lifelong learners.

Our philosophy is simple. We put the children first in all we do. We provide a safe, friendly, and positive environment for children. Where they are nurtured, educated, stimulated, and protected. We have a combination of experiences, resources, and educational programs for every child in our program to experience, guided by educated, inspired, positive and loving teachers who love what they do – and it shows!


We use Life brightwheel as our communication tool for all aspects of our program.   With this program, we can digitally send out Daily Reports for children under 2 years.  Teachers log breakfast, lunch, snacks, baby food, and bottles as well as diapers changed throughout the day.


We are doing ongoing observations and progress tracking of learning moments and tagging learning domains for evidentiary linking.   This is for all age groups and is captured, shared, and revisited by the teachers, counselors, and parents each day.


The portfolio collection is shared with parents through live photos and videos throughout the day.  Capturing those magical moments when play and learning come together.   We also develop yearbooks for each child, documenting milestones and using various forms of the medium of arts to portray the story of the child’s life over the year.   We also develop a yearbook of memories showcasing each child, group, and activity that our children take place in throughout the year, much like that of the public schools.   Classroom books are also made throughout the year and backpacks are stuffed full of activities that reinforce what the children are learning at Prime Time and can be borrowed and taken home for in-home educational activities.